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wow they really did adapt frozen well


I must have just watched this 25 times in a row, and it is still making me laugh xD

Anonymous asked:
Why try to live and win the game of life. Everyone dies at the end no one makes it out alive so what's the point?


Think of it like a video game, pretty much 85% of video games have a solid ending, correct? Unless it be something as an RPG where you can practically play it forever and not have to really restart.

You don’t have any restarts, you just have a start, the plot of the game, and the ending.

Why do people play games if they just end? Because they want to try different things out and have fun doing so.

That’s how life works, you’re born and there is no real objective besides the laws you have to follow.

Other than that it’s all fair game, you do you, take in knowledge and learn what you want too, become what you want to be, and live life everyday as if it would be your last. 


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